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Versuri preferate

In jos

Versuri preferate

Mesaj Scris de Melting Cinnamon la data de Sam Feb 28, 2009 9:50 pm

Postati aici versurile care v-au placut completand desigur si urmatoarea fisa.
Nume Melodie:
An (in ce an a aparut daca sti):
Lyrics (cine a facut versurile daca se stie):
incep eu:

Nume Melodie: No Salvation
Artist/Formatie: Deluhi
An (in ce an a aparut daca sti): 2008
Lyrics (cine a facut versurile daca se stie): Leda

Exquisite lamentations of remorse
Merciful baptisms of sinners
Again and again the apostles' scorn

Contemptuous you trample His image
Praising freedom with your hymns
Fanaticism becomes the martyr

Sweet judgement and atonement
Sinful lineages of sinners
Again and again the apostles' scorn

A catholicism blasphemously twisted
Makes the sign of the cross, unable to escape its own errors

Adore me and trust me the truth is unwinding
from my lips open your mind
I watch you and wash you then I can erase all of your pain

Faith is sacrifice
Face to despair

"no salvation"

Your day is meant to go on for ever
But if fate holds that it should come crashing down
Though you may reach out for the promised land
No salvation will ever be yours

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Melting Cinnamon

Personal Rank : Lapis~Lazuli
Data de inscriere : 28/02/2009
Numarul mesajelor : 271
Puncte : 3558
Reputatie : 6
Localizare : White Room
Motto-ul meu : Lost you in the season
Murdered without a reason
I entrusted this ash
With a feeling in facing the pain...

Replica Favorita : ......*smile*
Anime-ul Preferat : Death Note, Elfen lied, Demonbane
Manga Preferat : Death Note, Dirty Job, Flowers
My Stamp :
Elementul Meu :
Warn :
0 / 1000 / 100

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Sus In jos

Re: Versuri preferate

Mesaj Scris de Schwarzschild la data de Vin Mar 06, 2009 4:13 pm

Nume Melodie: Yasou Kyoku
Artist/Formatie: Nightmare
An (in ce an a aparut daca sti): am uitat u.u
Lyrics (cine a facut versurile daca se stie): Sakito

Softly, my fingers touch drops of night, the window’s moon is shining
suddenly, with no reason, tears spilled out, from the bottom of my heart

Even with this kind of, this kind of pain, I pretend as if I don’t feel it
laughing, and even crying, I’m acting it, I’m nobody.

ah when I wake from this dream, there are unchanging days, of monochrome scenery
Hey, someone tell me, the meaning of living, colourless waxing & waning life
aimlessly, I walk this winding road

If this world was to end tomorrow, what would I wish for?

If only one, only one would come true, I’d want to know the reason I was born
but even if I wish, even if I wish, I still don’t know, what a sad being

Say if I died and even became ash, the world would still be turning
even if I don’t know anything, time still flows, the story continues, with every kind of speed 

If I can be together with you always, there’s nothing else
I don’t need anything from anyone else, in this world, I’ll say just that from now on
so, give me your hand and let’s walk together
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

Personal Rank : Melancholic
Data de inscriere : 05/03/2009
Numarul mesajelor : 30
Puncte : 3548
Reputatie : 1
Localizare : Shadow Six
Motto-ul meu : As Dust return to Dust,
I will also return to ashes
Anime-ul Preferat : Death Note, ef ~ A tale of memories, Kuroshitsuji, Nana, Rozen Maiden, Demonbane
My Stamp :
Warn :
0 / 1000 / 100

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Sus In jos


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